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September 20, 2019

Watch Area 51 Live….


WATCH: A parody about all the streaming services!



September 19, 2019

Watch: AGT’s crowning of a new champion!



September 18, 2019

Watch Battle at Big Rock an All-New Short Film … Jurassic World


Watch and learn  real insight on the male species!




September 17, 2019



September 16, 2019

Watch as dad makes Monday’s better at the bus stop!



September 13, 2019

Watch what happens when a guy makes a gobbling sound!



September 12, 2019

Watch the trailer for the upcoming Phil Hartman Special!



September 11, 2019

#911 day tribute!


Watch: In the Shadow of the Towers​ trailer on HBO tonight!



September 10, 2019

9.10 Denny and Paul give bad advice!


Watch as a guy pranks telemarketer with his Donald Duck voice!



September 9, 2019

Sean Astin is back as Rudy in a new Colonel Sanders ad!



How does this happen?



September 6, 2019

Bad Boys For Life! (POTTY WORDS)



September 5, 2019

Check out “Between Two Ferns” movie trailer!



September 4, 2019

Watch video of a woman who laughs like a goose!



September 3, 2019

Watch “This Is Us” Season 4 trailer!



August 30, 2019

Watch the final trailer for the upcoming “Joker” movie!



August 29, 2019

Check out The Bus Brothers!



August 28, 2019

Watch a reporter get nailed by a sprinkler!



August 27, 2019

Watch: “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” Trailer​



Mom gets revenge on sons with epic prank!


Aug 26

If you kids are heading off to college or moving out watch this!


August 23, 2019

Watch a dog imitate a police siren!



August 22, 2019

Check out Rambo: Last Blood movie trailer!



Aug 21, 2019

Watch The Great Mattress Migration of 2019



August 20, 2019

Watch The Morning Show trailer!



August 19, 2019



Watch a dad interrogate daughters first date via the doorbell cam!



August 16, 2019

If you ever feel like you want to turn someone on to our show, give them this video!



August 15, 2019

Watch a bird clean out the silverware drawer!




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