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Trump says he’s not concerned with contents of Michael Cohen’s hard drive

President Donald Trump says he is not concerned with the contents of Michael Cohen’s hard drive, as his former fixer attempts to enlist congressional help to delay his prison term. “No. They’ve already got it. He’s old news,” Trump told CNN’s Joe Johns at the White House Friday morning. “He lied numerous times during his…MORE

Why is it taking Bernie Sanders so long to release his taxes?

Bernie Sanders has effectively been running for president steadily since, at least, 2015. And over all that time — which now spans two campaigns for president — we’ve seen exactly one year of his tax returns. In the 2016 campaign, Sanders released the two summary pages of his 2014 returns only. He said he would…MORE

Elizabeth Warren will back ending the Senate filibuster

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is set to call Friday for eliminating the filibuster, publicly endorsing for the first time a drastic change to Senate rules that would allow Democrats to pass sweeping, progressive bills with only a simple majority if they controlled the Senate in the future. The Massachusetts Democrat, who’s running for president, plans to…MORE


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