The Denny Schaffer Show

Denny Schaffer is proud to be back on WRQN where he first hit Toledo’s airwaves in 1983!  At that time WRQN was known as “Toledo’s New Hit Rock, The All New 93 And A 1/2 FM WRQN”,  He started doing the night show and was broadcasting from downtown Bowling Green in a studio that was eventually condemned.  The studio was moved to a trailer at the transmitter site,  then to a former used car office at a clients car dealership in 1984. During that time Denny hired Steve Mason and “The Denny & Mason in the morning show” was born.

Fast forward to now and Denny is playing the same music from back in the day-its just not so new.  WRQN was Denny’s first Toledo radio station and he’s proud to be back on the air where his Toledo career all started and he’s pumped to be playing Toledo’s Greatest Hits!

Tune in any weekday morning with Denny starting at 5:30am with “The 530 Club” and then Suzie and Paul joins in at 6am only on 93.5 WRQN


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