Lucas county Canine Care & Control Featured Dogs

Lucas County Canine Care & Control handles stray and homeless dogs and enforces dog laws in Lucas County, which is in northwest Ohio, including the City of Toledo. They handle about 300 dogs monthly. Their department is funded primarily through the purchase of dog licenses. Your dog license purchase not only helps to protect your dog, but also helps us care for homeless and stray dogs, protect the community from loose and dangerous dogs, and help reunite lost dogs and their owners.

To Learn More, or adopt a dog from Lucas County Canine Car & Control click here. or call 419-2800

Meet Phoebe, the spirited Pitbull who’s all about outdoor adventures, leisurely strolls, and car rides. This black and white beauty is a true explorer at heart, ready to embark on exciting journeys with her loving human companions.

Introducing Wichita, the brilliant and stunning Pitbull with a coat of pure white adorned with charming brown spots. Her playful spirit shines as she enjoys rolling in the grass and indulging in lively toy-filled adventures.

Meet Hemlock, LC4’s hidden gem. This sweet, goofy girl radiates warmth and affection, yet often gets overlooked. She finds joy in life’s simple pleasures, like rolling in the grass.

Hemlock is a dream on the leash, rarely pulling and always eager to greet fellow dogs or people. While her excitement can lead to little jumps, she responds well to redirection.

Treats are her weakness, and she’s a quick learner, making her a joy to teach new tricks.

Meet Sky dancer! Sky dancer will steal your heart with her wagging tail, and big brown eyes. Sky dancer is a 3 year old tan pit who does amazing with other dogs, listens well, enjoys car rides and going to the park. She is very much a social butterfly and will make a perfect additionto any home! Her favorite snack is chicken nuggets and ice cream and she greatly enjoys her toys and can most definitely keep herself busy with them. She is a bundle of joy who can’t wait to find her forever home!!

Meet Twizzler! He is a 4 year old white American Bulldog mix. Twizzler is a truly stunning boy! He does well in the car, does well with kids, and knows a couple commands. Twizzler’s favorite hobbies are having fun in the park, and playing with his toys. This handsome boy can’t wait to find his forever best friend!

Meet Jolly Rancher, the inquisitive black canine with a boundless zest for exploration and a heart full of love. This remarkable boy thrives on adventure and learning, making every day an exciting journey. With great manners in his kennel, a leash-walking pro, and a special affinity for people and kids, he’s the epitome of the perfect dog. Don’t miss the chance to welcome this wonderful companion into your life.

Meet Skippy, the 10-month-old, 43 lb. pit mix who’s a lovable goofball with boundless energy. Skippy’s enthusiasm is infectious, but a quick “sit” is all it takes to calm this playful pup down. He thrives on attention and eagerly responds to new tricks – his intelligence is truly remarkable. Skippy’s quick learning abilities make him a star pupil, and it’s no surprise he’s been to “Rescue University.” If you’re seeking an affectionate and clever companion, Skippy is ready to graduate to a forever home with flying colors!

Introducing Jumpstreet, the 2-year-old, 40 lb. pit mix who will brighten your every day with his irresistible charm. His personality is nothing short of the best – he’s a guaranteed laughter generator!

Jumpstreet’s quirk is his outdoor ritual: he insists on taking a toy with him, but there’s a catch – he must do his business first before he can embark on playtime. It’s a unique and endearing routine that’s sure to put a smile on your face.

Meet Reeses, the 2-year-old, 46 lb. pit mix who’s a bundle of energy. Reeses is always ready to run and play, and she can’t resist the occasional burst of zoomies. If you’re looking for an active and playful companion, Reeses is the perfect match for endless fun and adventure!

Meet Ronald, the 1-year-old, 45 lb. pit mix with fur as soft as velvet. This easygoing pup is a true charmer who adores scratches and walks like a dream on a leash. Ronald’s photogenic nature ensures he’ll be the star of your photos and the heart of your home. If you’re looking for a lovable and photogenic companion, Ronald is ready to steal your heart.

Meet Swedish Fish, the 4-year-old, 50 lb. pit mix who’s an absolute gem. Swedish Fish is a leash-walking pro, with no tugging or pulling, making every walk a breeze. Surprisingly, she’s still searching for her forever home, despite her impeccable manners. She’s mastered commands like “sit” and won’t jump on you, showcasing her well-behaved nature. Swedish Fish adores her walks and, with her unique appearance, she’s often described as looking like a land seal. If you’re looking for a delightful and well-trained companion, Swedish Fish is the perfect catch!

Introducing Gobstopper, the canine embodiment of sweetness and charm. With a heart as big as her appetite for treats, she’s mastered the art of sitting pretty for snacks and will melt your heart with her gentle demeanor. In her kennel, she’s the picture of tranquility, and her easygoing nature shines during her interactions with other dogs. Gobstopper’s quirky sense of humor and love for food make her a delightful companion, and while she might not catch treats, she’ll certainly catch your affection. She’s the whole package of canine love and laughter.

Meet Captain Candy, the 2-year-old pit mix with a passion for adventure. He’s a master of exploration, known for his love of jumping, thorough sniffing, and impeccable leash manners. Captain Candy is not only an expert adventurer but also a treat enthusiast who knows how to charm with his good behavior. If you’re seeking a companion for exciting journeys and well-behaved walks, Captain Candy is your perfect first mate.

Meet Mike n Ike, the 2-year-old male pit mix who’s an adventurous spirit. He loves exploring with his keen sense of smell and enjoys playful walks on the leash. Mike n Ike is the perfect companion for those who crave outdoor adventures and playful strolls

Meet Mayfly, a 2-year-old pit mix with a gentle and shy disposition. Mayfly may lack confidence in unfamiliar outdoor settings, often opting to walk briefly before taking a rest. She thrives in the company of calm dogs, preferring to walk behind them as it boosts her confidence. Beneath her shyness lies a heart of gold, as Mayfly is incredibly sweet and adores cuddles. If you’re looking for a gentle and affectionate companion, Mayfly may be the perfect match for you

Introducing Coolio, the “Gangsta’s Paradise” of good boys! This pup is as cool as ice, with beautiful black fur that’s straight out of Pennsylvania.
Coolio is all about living life to the fullest and is always trying to be “Bright As The Sun”. He’s always ready to start “Rollin’ with My Homies” and have a blast. So if you want to turn every moment into a “Fantastic Voyage” of fun and play, Coolio is your “Gangsta of Love” waiting to make your world a paradise.