Pelosi says Trump DOJ’s targeting of political enemies ‘goes even beyond Richard Nixon’

The Trump-era Justice Department’s decision to secretly seize data of Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee went even beyond the nefarious actions of former President Richard Nixon, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday.

The California Democrat also believes former Attorneys General Jeff Sessions and William Barr should testify before Congress.

“What the administration did, the Justice Department, the leadership of the former President goes even beyond Richard Nixon. Richard Nixon had an enemies list. This is about undermining the rule of law,” Pelosi told CNN’s Dana Bash Sunday on “State of the Union.”

Prosecutors in the Trump administration’s Justice Department in 2018 subpoenaed Apple for data from the accounts of House Intelligence Committee Democrats along with their staff and family members as part of a leak investigation.

Pelosi told CNN that the House will review the matter, and the Justice Department’s inspector general will also look into how the investigation was handled.

This story is breaking and will be updated.


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